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SW200XL Monthly Maintenance

Due to the finer filtration and improved dirt holding capacity, the Silkwater SW200XL Water Conditioner Ultra needs to be flushed once a month so that it maintains peak performance.

Flushing the SW200XL Water Conditioner

To flush out the water conditioner, open the drain valve at the base of the unit all the way and let the water run for one minute. Please remember to put a bucket underneath to catch the water. For easier and splash-free draining, a hose can be attached to the valve.
Note: If you find it hard to turn the valve, close the main water supply valve to the house first and open a faucet in your home (this will release pressure), then close the faucet and try again to open the valve on the conditioner unit.

SW200XL Cartridge Replacement

The cartridge will need to be replaced every 6 months.
To replace the cartridge:

  • Turn off the main water supply valve to the house
  • Release pressure in the SW200XL unit by opening the valve on the bottom and let the water drain out
  • Twist the product base to the left until it separates from the top
  • You can now remove the cartridge for replacement
  • Be sure to put the new cartridge in with the small holes facing up
  • Replace the product base and close securely
  • Turn on the main water supply
  • Wash the unit for 30 seconds (be sure the drain valve on the bottom is open)
  • Don’t forget to put a bucket underneath to catch the water
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